eJPT – Junior Penetration Tester


I am officially certified as a Junior Penetration Tester with eLearnSecurity. I must say I found their training to be excellent. Up until now most of the certification exams I’ve done have been from Cisco. I had never heard of eLearnSecurity until I came across them on the techexams.net forums. I wanted to get into Penetration Testing for some time now as I had always been interested in how someone could break into a network or system. In the past, I have built my own PC and installed numerous OS systems directly on the hard drive or virtually using VMWare to test different things out and to see how they worked so Penetration Testing was a good fit for me I guess as I liked tinkering with things.

So what do you learn in the course? You can find the course at eLearnSecurity and a breakdown of each section and what modules they cover.

The first section is an introduction to networking, web applications and penetration testing. The second section is programming again this is an overview and doesn’t go too deep into it the programming languages covered are C++ and Python. The three section is all about penetration testing and the different phases of a penetration test. You also learn what tools to use here. And for me, the best part of the course is the access you get to the labs where you can learn how to use the tools, here you really get to know how to use them, nothing beats hands-on learning in my opinion.

In the exam, you get access to the exam lab for 3 days. You are given an exam guide and some information about the network you are going to be pen testing. You have 20 questions to answer based on the exam objectives. You need to gain access to servers, PCs, websites using all the tools and techniques you learned during your studies. Having access to the lab for 3 days is probably a bit too generous as it only took me 4-5hrs to gain access to the systems and find the answers to the questions. I must say I really enjoyed the exam as it was all hands on which is much better than 60-70 multiple choice questions like most of the Cisco exams I’ve done apart from the T-SHOOT exam for the CCNP R&S cert another exam I really enjoyed.

I would fully recommend eLearnSecurity as their course material is great and up to date with the latest tools and exploits. Next, I am going to tackle the PTPv5 course and exam to take my Pen Testing skills to the next level.


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