Unable to connect to the PA GUI

Something strange happened to my VM setup on my laptop yesterday. I was unable to connect to the PA GUI all of a sudden. The VM booted up fine and I could log on via the CLI and checking the management interface I had the correct IP address which was still set to to check this use the following command on the CLI.

#show interface management

Thinking that something became corrupt with the VM I started to check all the settings and everything checked out ok there, nothing obvious had changed. Since it was a lab environment I decided to fully remove my Palo Alto VM from VM Workstation and to start over again.

Well that didn’t help I had the same issue, VM boots fine, I can log into the CLI fine, this time I got a different IP address as by default the management interface is set to DHCP and I was given the IP address of but when trying to connect to it via https it would timeout. mmmm what gives?

I then tried to ping it from the windows command line and got back ‘Destination Host Unreachable’, time to check the windows route table to see if the IP address was in the routing table. It wasn’t ! This is a problem.

To check the routing table on Windows use the following command from the command line.

#route PRINT -4

It will show all the IPv4 addresses in the routing table. No IP address so I added it into the routing table using:

#route ADD

BINGO I am able to connect via the GUI again. When on the GUI I changed the management interface IP back to and committed the change. I then added in the address into the Windows routing table this time using the -p option which stands for Persistent so when I reboot my laptop that route will remain in the routing table!

#route ADD -p

This is a quick fix for now and allows me to continue to use the Palo Alto NGFW in my lab setup however I’m not sure how this issue came about, it is something I will look into further.

If anybody else has come across this issue and what caused it please let me know in the comments !

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